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My Date With Love is all about finding the best dating sites for romance and love that lasts…

There are gazillions of dating sites in the UK now, and many of them of just BAD.  Plenty are for those who think that some kind of physical connection alone will bring them happiness or fulfillment, and the dating sites they choose are just cashing in on that mistaken feeling. Other sites are packed with fake profiles, or have different front pages but the same old databases of UK singles behind the scenes. And some are just rubbish – they don’t work properly or they have been overrun with scammers from Nigeria.

We’re here to help you avoid these kinds of dating sites!

If what you’re after is LOVE, starting from the foundation of a solid relationship that is based on more than just lust, then you need to find dating sites with like-minded people.  There are plenty of singles out there who are just like you, they want romance, connection, chemistry, and ultimately they want a partner for life.  Well we have spent the last few years narrowing down a list of the top dating sites that work, ones that promise to give UK singles the opportunity to find long term relationship, possibly marriage, but certainly an exellent online dating experience.

You can find our list here:

Just click on the image above and you will discover the list of REAL dating sites, with links to check each one out and decide which one is for you.  Many of them have trial periods, often free, so that you can really get a feel for the sites and see if there is a feeling that it is the place for you.

Whichever site you choose, I hope that you find a date with love this year.  Good luck.

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