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Sometimes Single Is The Way It’s Meant To Be

While in most cases in which you break up with a person you feel liberated or at least justified, there are some cases where you end up second-guessing your decision. What if that was “The One”? What if you were too harsh? Or, the biggie, what if the grass isn’t greener on the other side?

Especially following a long-term dating relationship moving on can be tough, even if you’re the “leaver” instead of the “left”. Sometimes you enjoy those first few weeks or months of freedom as you join a bunch of online dating sites, before ultimately feeling as though you’ve made a huge mistake, and sometimes you have. But what if making the initial decision to leave someone is like taking a test: usually your first instinct/answer is the right one. It’s human nature to want what we can’t have, but when it comes to people it’s not really fair to make a decision to break someone’s heart and then expect them to be okay when you want to take it back. They move on, and rightfully so. As is true with most areas of relationships and dating there are the occasional exceptions where a couple breaks up and then rekindles their love later on and live happily ever after. Again, that’s an exception. More often than not you’re initial instinct to let a person go was the right one, and relationships born again after previous dating only end up moving in a circle, right back to Single-Ville. Be wary of the fairy tale and avoid Ex Envy. When you see your old flame with someone else resist the temptation to revisit your old relationship and keep moving forward. Remember that your decision was born out of some reasoning, and that while they may appear to be different or you might wish it that way so badly, they’re probably just the same person that you found inadequate in some way the first time around.

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