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Many scammers today are smarter and cleverly package these questions into conversations about your everyday life (job) or your last vacation (financial circumstances), but it still happens that money is raised relatively quickly. High time to break off contact.

Just like questions about financial matters, you should also be careful about questions about your personal life, acquaintances or your job / the company you work for. Let your online acquaintance know that you are uncomfortable giving up such intimate thoughts about someone you have only recently met personally.

Fraudsters like to speed things up in matters of the heart. They fall in love quickly and try to get their online relationship to the most intimate level as soon as possible. The reason is simple: you want things to move forward, to move. Especially your money.

So pay close attention to the speed at which someone falls in love with you, desires, loves, needs, wants … Relocate email or phone.

Unfortunately, scammers who try to do so are among the most dangerous. Because they are often willing to invest a lot of time in building a “relationship” with you in order to actually gain your trust. People will be clever at hiding their dishonest intentions behind trust-building measures. For example, they will tell you that they want to visit you and have already booked a flight for it. Unfortunately, this flight has to be canceled because an (expensive) emergency has occurred in the family or because some government agency is demanding additional money.

Until you have met the person in person, keep things friendly but superficial. There is no reason why you should reveal intimate details of your life (and not only erotically intimate things), and I cannot think of any reasonable reason why an online dating acquaintance should have your bank details or your social security number should know.

Also keep in mind that any information you reveal about yourself will make it easier for scammers to find your weak points. So points that are ideally suited to manipulate you!

In such cases, the scammers use this “intimate” information about you to first flatter you, persuade you to do something, or caress your ego. If that doesn’t help, you threaten to reveal intimate details of your life if you don’t pay. Even if you pay in this case, you have no guarantee that you will never reveal too much personal information: Fraudsters hide their real intentions behind charming emails that intimate information will not later become public or you will be blackmailed with it again and again.

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